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Monday, June 19
Gas Installations - HVACR Discipline: - 6pm to 10pm - Instructor: Bosold

Tuesday, June 20
PL Based Res. Fire Sprinkler - Plumbing Discipline: - 6pm to 10pm - Instructor: McKnight

Wednesday, June 21
NFPA 54 - 2012 - Mechanical Code: - 6pm to 8pm - Instructor: Bosold

Wednesday, June 21
Confined Spaces - Safety: - 8pm to 10pm - Instructor: McKnight

Monday, June 26
Solar Water Heating - Hydronics Discipline: - 6pm to 10pm - Instructor: Bosold

Tuesday, June 27
Water Supply - Plumbing Code: - 6pm to 8pm - Instructor: McKnight

Tuesday, June 27
Hazard Communication - Safety: - 8pm to 10pm - Instructor: McKnight

Day School
The classes we will be having in June include: Science, Math II, Math III, Underground Install, Electronic Motors, Commercial AC, Plastic Welding, Customer Relations, Intro to Plumbing Code, and Welding.

Skills Requested
If you are interested in attending any classes such as CWI, Stewards, OSHA 10/30, Signalperson, Industrial Rigging, Med Gas, Iowa Backflow, Valve Repair, Orbital Welding, Automatic/Dimetric Welding, please contact the Training Center so we can hold additional classes in the near future.

Please contact the Training Center at 309-788-4159 ext. (3) if you would like to attend any of the above classes or for more details.


Open Welding: We have open welding M-F from 7:30am-4:30pm. Open welding on Tuesday nights has been CANCELLED due to not enough membership participation. We hope to resume in September.

UA Weld Test: We will be holding UA Weld tests as needed at scheduled times at the Training Center until further notice. Late arrivals will not be allowed to test. Please note that it takes approximately 3 weeks to get X-ray results back from LU 597, so plan accordingly. Also note that PE Fusion certifications can be done on any UA Weld test date. The PE 1 cert is for ½” to 2” and the PE 2 cert is for 4” to 8”. Please let us know in advance if you would like to test for either of these certifications. Contact Dave Kealey at or call 309-788-4159 ext. (4).

Note regarding Weld Continuities: Turn in your completed weld continuity papers to the Training Center. Our fax number is 309-788-5623.

Note regarding Med Gas: Check your card for your expiration date! Turn in your completed braze continuity papers to the Training Center with cash, credit card, or a check for $30, payable to LU 25 JATC. We will file the paperwork online for you. Continuity papers must be on contractor letterhead as per the NITC.

TWIC Cards: The Transportation Worker Identification Credential is a common identification credential for all personnel requiring unescorted access to secure areas of T.S.A. regulated facilities, monitored by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. If you have already applied and received a TWIC card, please contact the Union office so we can add it to your certifications. For information on enrollment applications for the TWIC card, please contact the Union office.

As of February 1, 2017 we began accepting apprentice applications for the 2018 selection process. The deadline for the 2018 application process will be January 31, 2018.